Search Engine Optimization for Canadian Businesses

Because things are different here, even on the Internet

SEO Services Customized to Canadian Industry Standards

You know the basics of SEO. Potential clients type something into the search bar in their browser and hit enter. Then, the magic happens as the search engine goes to work to find the right websites.

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How SEO Helps Canadian Businesses

Most of your potential clients start with a search. But they don't look up keywords or go through a technical process. They just do the same thing you do when you're looking for a website online.

What would you do if you wanted to find something? The closest Thai restaurant? Where do you have to go to renew your driver’s license? Do you need to leave the house to order flowers for your mom’s birthday?
That’s how SEO helps Canadian Businesses. You’re not asking about Thai restaurants in Chicago, and you want the closest place to renew your DL. And if you can order flowers online, you want to confirm delivery to your mom in Toronto.
So, as you sit on the other side of the business, you start to see how SEO could help your business website marketing.

Core Business Areas

Effective SEO requires a combination of services to have the greatest impact in the shortest time. That’s why, after a comprehensive analysis, we combine these services in your quality custom SEO plan.

Informative Content

Canadian content that Canadians recognize. Your potential customers need specific information to decide to buy from you. Subtly persuasive, informative, uniquely Canadian creative content.

Visitor Growth

The most reliable way to increase sales is visitor growth. The more people on your website or through the door, the most potential you have for sales. Solid results for more visitors.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is like the GPS of SEO. They tell you where you are, where you’ve been, and where you’re headed. Our experts use Google Analytics to get you on the right road.

Innovative Strategies

Your business is unique. To effectively dominate your Canadian industry, you need innovative SEO strategies that will trounce your competition. Nicely, of course.

Link Building

Building value, credibility, and relevance through links take your business to the forefront of your industry. Like networking for your website.

Reputation Management

Seize opportunities to boost your reputation by influencing perceptions and conversations about your business and your brand. Monitor, respond, and influence proactively.

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    What Makes SEO Digital Marketing in Canada Special
    In some ways, the Internet is the Internet, and Canada is only special because we're so very nice.

    But for SEO, you will want some things to be different for your Canadian business. Sure, you want everything spelled correctly in our favourite ways to realize the best results. And content is critical for SEO.

    Yet, a lot of what happens behind the scenes makes just as big a difference. Google uses a couple of hundred or more algorithms to decide what websites to display on the search engine results page (SERP.) Oh, and they change the rules constantly!

    Targeted Reach

    Getting your message out is essential, but reaching the right market is even more critical. Whether you’re focusing on increasing engagement, building brand awareness, or generating leads in a specific demographic, SEO is the way to go.

    Increased Conversions

    An exquisitely effective SEO strategy can draw more visitors to your site. If they can’t find you, they can’t buy from you! The first step to beating out the competition in this modern marketing world is to outrank them so potential customers find you early.

    Local Customers

    If you own a business where you’re looking for foot traffic, you’ll need local Canadian SEO strategies to get people in the door. Why spend marketing time, energy, and money on people who are simply not potential customers?


    Content Optimization

    Content optimization is a requirement for your business to become a top-rated website. Algorithms can be confusing, but our expertise is in understanding how search engines work for your market selection. 

    Dominate Search Rankings in Canada

    Innovative, relentless SEO services help your brand dominate your industry rankings. We specialize in moving you to the top of the page. Our ultra-talented SEO specialists stay ahead of the curve to make sure you are ahead of the game.

    Google’s mission is “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” To do that, they tweak SEO algorithms almost daily in addition to making major algorithm changes.

    So, when should you consider taking a more innovative (and relentless) approach to your SEO?

    Whenever you see a drop in organic website traffic

    If your business has the capacity to grow and you want more sales

    In coordination with rebranding efforts

    When you introduce a new product, product line, or service

    After 6 months of any SEO plan without seeing a rank improvement result

    When Google announces a major algorithm change (websites that don’t follow new Core Update rules get penalized)

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