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Hristo Naloski

Co-founder & Search Director


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Who is Hristo Naloski?

kristo naloski
Hristo Naloski photo taken on the Cyprus beach.

Hristo Naloski is seasoned SEO professional from Skopje, Macedonia. With almost two decades of SEO experience he helped optimize websites belonging to major companies in Cyprus, and consequently increased traffic and sales for them.


Some of his notable projects include website optimization for a leading online travel agency in Cyprus, which resulted in a traffic increase of over 500 percent.


In addition to his SEO expertise, Hristo is also well-versed in web design and development, making him a true all-rounder when it comes to website optimization. But his real passion is studying how search engines work. He’s hooked up with information retrieval, natural language processing, and technical SEO.

google business profile achievement badge issued by Skillshop
Google Business Profile Achievement Badge issued by Skillshop to Hristo Naloski
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Google Analytics Certification Badge issued to Hristo Naloski